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Mobile Apps

With a custom-branded mobile application, your business can always be right in the palm of your customer's hand!

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Text Marketing

SMS/Text Messages are opened and read 98% of the time.  No other marketing tool can offer that type of engagement.

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Social Media

We all know how important Social Media is, but most local businesses don't have the time to dedicate to managing their social media properly. Let us help!

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Advertise online with pay-per-click advertising when you reach potential customers and grow your business through strategic content and keyword planning and management

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Web Design & Management

Reach more customers with a search-optimized, mobile friendly professional website.  Our website design has all the features businesses need at a price all small businesses can afford.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer affordable SEO Services that will help maximize your online traffic and help you stand out above your competitors.  Our professional team will help optimize your rank and drive customers.

Digital Marketing

The Importance of A Digital Marketing Strategy

We all know how much our society is connected to our devices.  Studies show that the average person looks at their mobile device 150 times per day!

As a business owner, you are always searching for the best and most efficient way to reach new and current customers.  Digital Marketing has a proven track record of delivering a significant return on your marketing investment.

At Tramar Marketing we can help you put your brand in your customer's hand, in front of their eyes, and in their top-of-mind...before, during and after the sale.  Digital marketing has never been more important than it is today, but most local businesses don't have the time to create content and manage the wide range of channels, apps, and tools.

Marketing can be overwhelming.  Staying connected to your customers, and developing new customer relationships can be more challenging than in the past.  Where does your website rank?  How can you connect with customers on the go? Where ARE your customers?

A company's presence on the internet is also a big factor in your marketing success.  With the advent of website editors, many local businesses see this as an area that money can be saved.  But most local businesses don't have the time or the desire to create a website that will create a great online brand, while at the same time generating leads or driving sales.  Does the website have enough content?  Too much content? Does it get noticed?  Does it rank?  Is it just an online brochure?  Or does the website actually result in conversions and sales?  At Tramar Marketing our web design services will work within your strategy to accomplish the goals you desire.

According to a recent study, nearly 93% of all purchases begin with a web search.  But more importantly, only 25% of consumers will search past the second search page!  So where your business ranks, locally, is critical to grabbing the mind of your customers and your potential customers.  Our search engine optimization strategy can help you climb organically to the top of the rankings, where the majority of the leads go.

Additionally, customer reviews can be a factor in how customers look at your business online and in-person.  Do you currently have positive reviews or negative reviews?  Maybe you don't have any reviews from your customers.  Studies show that most consumers give an online review as much credibility as that of a word-of-mouth review from a friend or family member.  Especially with local Search Engine Optimization reviews can be an important factor.

Everyone knows Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, right?  But do you have a sound strategy to use those tools to get your message to potential customers?  Some businesses think Facebook is losing its share of influence.  But a 2019 study by The Manifest showed just the opposite:  Facebook influences buying decisions 7x more than all the other social media channels, COMBINED!  Tramar Marketing offers an incredible do-it-yourself social media platform with thousands of ready-made, articles, posts, graphics and ads that you can easily customize for your social feeds. But if you don't have the time or the desire, we also offer managed social media as well.  For most local businesses the time to manage social media can be challenging, and developing quality content even more challenging.  With either of our plans, the content and consistency of your social media platforms can easily and quickly be improved!

Tramar Marketing can also help you manage your Google My Business listing.  When it comes to ranking for local search queries, your Google My Business profile is a critical factor.  It all starts with claiming your GMB listing.  If you haven't claimed your GMB listing, we will be happy to walk you through that process at no charge.  From there we can work with you to add relevant content to your GMB, including servivces, text, photos and more.  Plus with our social media platform, we can help you to regularly add relevant content, which will ultimately help your business rank higher in the search rankings.


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