Text Marketing

Text Message Marketing


98% of all Text Messages are opened and read. 95% are opened and read within the first 5 minutes. 75% of all consumers say they would like to receive special offers via text messaging!  TraMar Mobile Marketing makes it simple and easy to communicate with your current and potential customers, clients, and members through SMS/Text Messaging.

Our program is 100% opt-in based, so only the customers, clients and members who opt-in will receive your text messages.

Text Blasts

Whatever your company is most known for should go right here, whether that's bratwurst or baseball caps or vampire bat removal.

Text Coupons

Create custom one time use mobile coupons in seconds.  Coupons can be sent via text or can be added to a consumer’s personalized wallet.


Create custom keywords for your individual campaigns. Keywords are what customers will text to join a list, enter a contest, etc.

Vehicle Listings

Use this feature to generate leads and inquiries on vehicles.  Potential buyers can scan a QR code or text a keyword to receive more information from the dealership.

Property Listings

Realtors can generate mobile leads and inquiries on properties. Prospects can receive additional property information on their phone and the realtor will instantly receive lead information.

Loyalty Programs

Create virtual punch-cards with the loyalty program.  Choose the length of the program, the rewward and how many points are needed to redeem the reward.


Utilize this feature to engage with your opt-in list. Take a quick opinion poll, tally attendees for an event, etc.  Provide participants with a coupon or a message!


Send appointment reminders and confirm arrivals via text messaging. Use this feature to eliminate or reduce no-shows!

QR Codes

Easily create QR Codes with our QR Code generator.  Enter your information and the wizard create a unique QR code to be printed, emailed or downloaded.

Text To Win

The text-to-win feature can be used to create sweepstakes to help build your list.  A main prize can be given to one random winner, or multiple prizes.   Participants can also receive a coupon or discount for participating in the contest.

Text To Screen

The text-to-screen feature allows a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message to a short code to be posted on a screen/projection device at an event for the audience to see.

Text Poll

Poll your customers/contacts via text message! Who was the MVP of the game? Which wine is better? How was the service at your last visit? Offer customers a mobile coupon for participation!

Auto Responder

Use the Auto Responder feature to build a scheduled follow-up reminder text message.  Automotive services can schedule a text every 3 months for customers to remember to get their oil changed!

Birthday Wishes

Treat your customers with a special treat on their special day! Include a coupon that will be triggered automatically prior to or on their birthday!  This is automated to save you time!

Scheduled Tasks

Use the scheduled tasks feature to see what texts have been scheduled and when they are scheduled to be sent.  Easily manage your future activities here.

Text Reports

Our Reports allow you to analyze and view metrics at any time to see what campaigns are working best.  Track message and coupon delivery, poll results, opt-in and opt-outs and more. All the data is at your fingertips!

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for your customers to claim prizes and join in your text club.

Next Steps...

For an online demonstration to see how our mobile text platform can help your business or organization, contact us today.  Or if you are interested in a free no-obligation 2-week, trial, click on the button to the right.